Khamis, September 23


I really sory but seriously i need to post this..i don't care if it hurts you so much or whatever shit..
i just know everything about you,
i know your family too,
i heard so much about you..
whether it's good or bad i just don't care..
coz i heard more than goods than bad..
i'm not denying that fact that i used to like you too,
i had feeling for you,
in other words,i used to love u..
Sorry to say this,
you're nothing speacial at all,
you don't appreaciate people,
you think that world is all about you,
i'm not suprise you break promises and it's like nothing to you,
you don't care how much people hurt bcoz of you,
you think you're good enough,actually you're not..

And you know what? i feel so stupid now....

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