Isnin, Oktober 18

Campur sebati


Sabtu, Oktober 9


i become so numb,
i cant feel u there,
become so tired,
so much more aware,
i'm becoming this all i want to do,
is be more like me and be less like u,
can't you see that youre smothering me holding to tightly,
afraid to lose control,
coz everything that you thought i would be,
has fallen apart right infront of u,
every step that i take is another mistake to you.....
and every second i waste is more than i can take!!!

Rabu, Oktober 6

while our bloods still young

Never too soon...
like no one's watching you..
a dream,a laugh,
a kiss,
a cry,
our right,
our wrongs,
a moments,a love..

a dreams,a laugh,
just stay there..
coz i'll be coming over..
won't stop til it's over..
won't stop to surrender..